Poll for spy story!


I’m doing a spy action story and your guys’ opinions will help me out :blob_hearts: I’m going ot be using Charlie’s Angels as a reference for some of the polls, as I don’t know much about any other spy movies

What type of clothes should the spies wear?

  • Charlie’s Angels getup
  • FBI/Detective/Officer getup
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Should the spy group be a separate, secret group or apart of a big organization

  • Charlie’s Angels type group (secret/separate)
  • FBI/Detective/Officer group (big organization)
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Should the spies handle small and big cases, just small cases, or just big cases

  • Small & big cases
  • Small cases
  • Big cases
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If you would like to present some characters I can use for spies, bad guys, and background characters click the link below- BUT: I dont have any room for more female spies, I need male spies, but I’m in need of background characters and bad guys
Link to my other thread:

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Spies typically wear clothes that would help them blend in

I haven’t seen the movie. I thought it was like latex suits lol oops… :sweat_smile:

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