POLL: Help me name my new MC! 😢

This is her.

I need help naming her, though. I want names that are more boyish and simple. Kind of like Blake or Kaylie, something like that.

Any help would be much appreciated. Feel free to tell me which names you like, don’t like, or just offer brand new suggestions!

I will be adding and deleting names as I go along so I can narrow them down.

Which name? :sparkles:
  • Sawyer
  • Indie (Indiana)
  • Dani
  • Blake
  • Tori (Victoria)
  • Cleo
  • Other (Comment below!)

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my go-to name is Hralow but for her i think these??

  • Kai (short for kylie but still a name)

  • Aubrey/Audrey

  • Cleo

idk what else

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I already have a character love Audrey. I love Kai, though! Definitely adding that to the list. Ooohhh. And Cleo!!! I really like Cleo. :heart_eyes:


Glad it helped!

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