POLL: Helpful Episodians

I didn’t know how to title this poll, LOL.
So, here’s the question:
Which of these assets provided by the Episode Community is most useful to you? (Pick up to 4)

  • Custom Background Creators
  • Custom Overlay Creators
  • Outfit Creators
  • Character Creators
  • Directing Helpers
  • Writing Helpers
  • Proofreaders
  • Artists
  • Editors
  • Title / Description Helpers
  • Reviewers
  • Other (Comment Below!)

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I’ve gotten plenty of directing help, either by asking on the forums, lurking other threads, or from dara-amarie.com . :+1:

I’ve planned to use some community-created backgrounds too, and I needed some outfit help trying to combine a maxi-skirt, wrist-length sleeves, and a hijab in a way that looked nice lol. (What’s with all the 3/4 sleeves, Episode? >__>)


I’ll help you out when I get the chance! I love creating outfits :wink:

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