Poll: High School or College age characters?

Which would you rather play a story about: high-school aged characters or college students?

  • High-school students
  • College students

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I feel as if high school students are often portrayed as immature and irresponsible, and always go to parties. In real life, as you go to college, you gradually start noticing some things important in life you didn’t notice before. Of course, you could change the stereotype around and make your story on high school students, but say, if you were writing on a romance I would say I’m a little tired of seeing romances between irresponsible high school students, and it may be more interesting in college as you could pile up factors like real life situations such as job selection or exams, something that isn’t portrayed and is neglected in so many of these stories. A little un-cliche-ness would also help.
However, this is just my opinion, so of course, it’s all up to you.