Poll: How long does it take you to write one chapter?



So guys how long does it take you to write one chapter for your story? I’m writing my first story currently, and it’s been months and I’m still not finished writing the first episode! I’m afraid that when I publish it, my readers will have to wait months just to read one chapter. :weary:

  • Takes me a week
  • A month
  • A few months
  • Other

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If it’s published, it would be a week or two.

If it’s not published, it would be a year. :speak_no_evil:


I wonder what are these publishing schedules that people talk about?


May take me a week or few weeks because i have to check spelling, coding, etc.


For me, it takes a while. But, I procrastinate A LOT so it does take me a little longer, oops :sweat_smile:


I took me months to finish my first three episodes…I’m just such a perfectionist. But to be fair I was working on chapters up to 8 which are not done :woman_shrugging:t4:


It depends for me. I can it take me a day or a week depending on what I am doing or how complicated the script that I am writing.


It’s not because I’m not capable, I’m either busy or lazy. It has taken so many lines just to get an intro and the chapter has barely started. I feel like many of us find it time consuming, so that’s why we take while to complete even half of one chapter.


A week sometimes longer lol but it’s for spell check, going over everything, my life outside of Episode lol


About 2 weeks.


sometimes it depends. i like to plan my episodes in advance so when it comes to actually writing it, i’m not struggling with what to put. it takes me about a month, at most, and little tweaks to the story do also take some time. i’m intrigued how long it takes other people! x


It normally takes me around 2-3 weeks to write 1 chapter.


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well I’m working on a story right now and I started it in May 2018 and I’m still doing the first episode. It’s normal 'cause first three episodes are pilot episodes, and we need to work extra hard for them to make the reader love it. But once you publish it, it takes maximum 3 weeks to publish an episode.


If I’m not working, I can get an episode done in a week. With work/other commitments- at least two weeks.


It really depends on what the chapter entails. Sometimes two weeks, sometimes an entire month.


i’m writing my first episode of my first story so that is going to take a while, to make the characters, storyline etc!


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