POLL: How long episodes / chapters should be?

I came across a lot of question like that.

I know we all have various preferences and different style of writing but drop your opinions below :smile:

Please vote below!

  • 5 -10 minutes
  • 10 -15 minutes
  • 15+ minutes

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Maybe 15-20 minutes depending on what is happening and how much content. If there is more content then I don’t mind having a five minute episode…


I prefer short and dynamic episodes without any garnishing, but I’m probably in minority with this. I would suggest to write at least 1000-1500 script lines (not including CC or dress-up games of course) otherwise readers will complain it’s too short.


I guess the cliffhangers can ACTUALLY be a sign to tell u where to stop, shouldn’t be too short though. I personally will write at least 3000 lines. Guess because of my plot. It seriously depends on ur theme as well. Drama tends to be longer in my opinion, so many hints here and there as well as more descriptions of feelings. Romance tends to be shorter cuz let’s be realistic, in a pure romance story there won’t be a lot of good cliffhangers every time, so sometimes the cliffhanger just tends to be “Wonder how this date will be” So, don’t know if this makes sense but since the plot in a romance isn’t so varied an unique most of the time, the storyline tends to be shorter which leads to a shorter amount of lines being written. :blush:


If ur doing short flashbacks, I recommend having the normal amount of lines. However, if ur doing a flashback as a whole, that u maybe think could occupy a whole episode, u could probably do that, but just make sure the flashback has enough lines to suffice as a regular well-length chapter in your story. :upside_down_face:


I personally think time wise 10 to 15 minutes. Much less then 10 and it feels like a wasted pass in most cases. More than 15 and I start to loose my attention span with the story.

Line wise, it really depends on your writing style. I write with a lot of commands on a single line and only put spaces between scene changes. Whereas I know several people who put a space between each line of dialogue. I would guess 800 to 1500 lines gets most people into the 10 to 15 minute range.


omg I need to write a bit more lol :neutral_face:


I try to average fifteen minutes an episode. As a reader, I think anything in the 10-20 minute range is good, but I prefer something around fifteen minutes (so… 13-17 minutes would be my ideal range I guess). Anything shorter than 10 minutes and I feel that I’m wasting a pass.

I have a spotlight story. Without directing, 1000-1200 lines is roughly 15 minutes (no spaces between dialogue). For a directed story, I usually aim for 2000 lines, but my directing is often pretty complex. These line amounts don’t include branching but do include basic choices.


I’d say 5 to 20 minutes of reading time is a good amount for one episode. On the count of lines, I’d say each episode should have at least 800 lines (mostly dialogue), getting the chapter to 800 lines will probably make it to the 10 minute time which is your general average length of one episode. But for the folk who are more advanced they will probably have a good few hundred extra lines with all the extra coding and time they put into their episode.

Length should be just as strong as the writing.


Episode 10 of my story is almost 4000 lines :sweat_smile: But normally I cap them off at 1700 or so.


Usually, my episodes hit around 1.5k-2k lines. I don’t do spaces between most lines, and I try putting a bunch of coding on one line. I try to make sure a lot happens, but with the first 3 episodes it’s kind of hard to have a bunch of scenes other than just having the plot and characters introduced.(and I don’t mean like: “Hi, I’m Kylie Jenner and I’m dating this guy!”) I mean a brief, disclosed, introduction to their personalities so you don’t have to have the narrator tell you their personalities.

After the first 3/4 episodes, once you’ve got it started I think it’ll be easier to write longer episodes with more content (as far as scenes). Especially after getting reads on your story.


How many lines do people read in a minute?

That’s a good question too! It’s impossible to tell, we all different. Like with chapter length they can be the same size but one will be longer and one shorter…

This thread is just to give different opinions to newly starting writers :slight_smile:

yes, but think about it - if an average person reads about 100 lines a minute, then 1500 lines is a good amount for a 15 minute story (which is said to be a good length above) o.o

We all have different preferences, so I would like to have more authors to have their say about it.

If it’s more than 20 minutes, I’m exiting the story.


Same :joy: unless it’s Flashback Friday by @Daisy_W episode 10 was 22 minutes long but I didn’t had enough!


I like episodes to be between 10-15 minutes, though 20 minutes is fine if the content is good enough. I like stories compact without much filler, so between 10-20 episodes is best. I think around 15 is ideal for me.


I feel like 15-20 minute chapters are good. I feel like10-minute ones are a little too short.

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I think someone already touched this, but it depends. But I don’t really know. It differs.

If I read a short chapter, but there’s a lot of plot moving forward, effects and zooms etc. Knowing they took the time to create that chapter. I would be incredibly satisfied. Even if it was like seven minutes etc.

If I have to read a chapter for over twenty five minutes. I usually fall asleep or go to music because there usually isn’t any sound or choices. And as entertaining as a storyline can be. It can be a very tiring to read.

I went off topic here.

If the story is a mess, I usually read it looking at the errors and mistakes. Laugh a little and then stop reading. Yes, I know it seems cruel but it is funny tbh, but it also shows that they were in a rush to publish. Meaning, how can you not go back and revise the chapters that you already made? Coding takes patience, you might as well go all out. Especially when unpublished.