POLL: How long episodes / chapters should be?


I don’t even know tbh. I’m a quick reader so I go about reading stories fast.


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I like episodes that are 13-15 minutes long. A couple of my favourite stories have episodes that are only 8 minutes long, and whilst it kind of annoys me to spend a pass on something that seems so short, the good plot makes up for it. I appreciate stories that are longer too, but I usually wait longer to read them.


I love short episodes a lot :smile: 5-10 mins is a good length but I think that the majority of readers prefer longer ones : )

SO AGREE WITH THIS :sparkling_heart:

Someone suggested that:

Which completely confused me, as I always thought people preferred longer episodes over shorter ones. Even in fan-mails, you can see complaints about episodes being too short. Hmm…also no idea where Episode published these data XD


every1 who said 15+ are not writers on episode loll


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I usually make my 5-10 minutes although it does seem short. I try to make them longer but it takes a lot of coding. :joy::joy: like it takes 2.5 days just to do 1500 lines.


Nah, I’m with you, in my opinion. that’s a really good length for an episode. I’m glad there’s people who make episodes short because I prefer them and so do others :joy:


A few days ago I read a story and first episode was 46 minutes lol

I read fast so I think 20 minutes for an average reader is 13 minutes for me. Though I think something between 10-15 is the perfect length


If I was reading for free then I wouldn’t mind the chapters being shorter, but when I have to use passes and watch ads I want them to be as long as possible!!


If it’s longer than 15 minutes I’m falling asleep :sweat_smile:


Sooo… 15 minutes and one second, and you plunge headfirst into Dreamland? I am guessing you do not watch films or series :joy:

Personally, I like episodes between 10-20 minutes… But I have read episodes longer than that. They were well directed, they had a lot of interesting dialogue and content that helped me connect with the characters, and more importantly, the story’s quality was so good that I barely noticed I had spent a little more than an hour in just 2 episodes.

But really, it depends on the content and the characters. If you have one MC, chances are the episodes’ length will be short-average. If you have a lot of characters and more than one storyline, then perhaps half an hour may go by.


Joke is on you! I am! I am unpublished and I may suck, but I am :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My episodes are typically around 13 minutes but it feels short?