POLL: How long episodes / chapters should be?


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I personally would say no more than 10 minutes.
I like a quick read when I’ve things to do. If I use 4 passes and each chapter is 20 minutes long that’s like 1 hour and 20 minutes of starring at my phone.
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My chapters so far range from 2700 at the lowest lines, and then 10000 at the highest lines.

It depends on what’s going on in the chapter, what scenes you need to have before cutting it off comfortably.

I feel like the time it takes to read these would range from 5-10 minutes at the lowest and then no more than 20 for the highest. It depends on the readers, too though. The person I have reading my story for me to determine how to code certain stuff,

My most specific example is like, walking talking to a position with more than one walking and talking dialogue.

She reads I think moderately quick. But I read very slow, so… >. >


I tend loose interest on long episodes


I don’t even know tbh. I’m a quick reader so I go about reading stories fast.


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I like episodes that are 13-15 minutes long. A couple of my favourite stories have episodes that are only 8 minutes long, and whilst it kind of annoys me to spend a pass on something that seems so short, the good plot makes up for it. I appreciate stories that are longer too, but I usually wait longer to read them.


I love short episodes a lot :smile: 5-10 mins is a good length but I think that the majority of readers prefer longer ones : )

SO AGREE WITH THIS :sparkling_heart:

Someone suggested that:

Which completely confused me, as I always thought people preferred longer episodes over shorter ones. Even in fan-mails, you can see complaints about episodes being too short. Hmm…also no idea where Episode published these data XD


every1 who said 15+ are not writers on episode loll


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I usually make my 5-10 minutes although it does seem short. I try to make them longer but it takes a lot of coding. :joy::joy: like it takes 2.5 days just to do 1500 lines.


Nah, I’m with you, in my opinion. that’s a really good length for an episode. I’m glad there’s people who make episodes short because I prefer them and so do others :joy: