POLL: How long episodes / chapters should be?

So anyone here a Love Is a Drug fan by Anneka Moon? Her first two episodes are sixteen minutes then all episodes after that are 30-45 minutes long :scream: lol. I know this because I’ve screen recorded all the episodes of the story.

Her story has 2.8 million reads.


I think it depends on your capability as well as story line.
Most my episodes are between 10 -20 minutes but I wrote one that took me like a month that ended up being almost 7000 lines and it was like an hour long.

I probably could have split it up but it was so crucial to the story line that I just kept going. I don’t recommend this because some people will not like it.

I haven’t done anything like this since but I recommend not looking at lines because if you include a lot of directing, an episode can still be very short so perhaps timing is the way to go. :heart:


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