POLL: How Mans LI‘s do y‘all Prefer?

It‘s all Already in the title, so what’s your opinion?

How many LI’s do y’all prefer?
  • 1 Love interest.
  • 2 Love interest.
  • 3 Love interest.
  • 3 Love interest or more.

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For me I would prefer one li cause I don’t wanna hurt the other li at the end


As many as you can make distinct and interesting people, haha I feel like most of the episode stories I’ve played with a lot of LIs they are all super forgettable and interchangeable so I doubt I would go for more than 2 at most.

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I love having 2 LIs! I’m not a big fan of stories with only one, although there are a few exceptions, because it feels predictable that we’ll end up together (I mean, duh hahah) and if I don’t like that LI there’s no other option so I’ll just drop the story. Having two raises the stakes for me and makes it more interactive, therefore more interesting.


2 is enough I guess… at the end we can end up being friends with one and other as partner…


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