Poll: How many people actually do read for read?

  • Who actually does their read for read
  • Yes
  • No
  • depends, if I like the story

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i meant to vote yes but i clicked “who actually does their read for read” lol. its important to follow through with something that someones counting on you to do.


I read the amount of chapters they wish no matter what, and continue on when it’s updated if I like it and I won’t if I don’t like it or doesn’t interest me.


I don’t because I’ve never had the opportunity.

And even if I did have the opportunity I wouldn’t because no.

I like reading things that interest and entertain me. I’m not going to force myself to read something just to force someone else to read my something. I’d honestly rather have 0 reads.

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I don’t do them anymore due to too many bad incidents. But when i did, i always kept my word and went through with them.


If no one at all reads my story for a while, I might. I have nothing published though!

I meant to click no