POLL: INK or LimeLight?

which one do you like best?

  • INK
  • LL

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I don’t know which to choose :eye::lips::eye:

LL has a ton of variety, but INK is such a fun style.


Limelight. :ok_hand:t3:

INK is too limited for me. All the love interests look EXACTLY alike! They’re ALWAYS designed with the exact same face as “Landon” from The New Girl.
And when they do most of the animations, they look awkward or overdramatic.

Classic, omg… don’t even get me started on that one! :rofl: :joy: The male characters had such awkward jaws… but when combined with those thick necks, I can’t deal with it! :rofl: :joy: And literally every animation they do, just looks derpy as hell!


Lol true! I always forget about Classic tbh. Does anyone use spotlight? I have never seen a story with it

Birdy uses it in her story “The Triangle”. I love the story [Team Aidan, by the way] but the episodes are far too long, so I haven’t caught up on it in quite a while.

And when I say too long, I mean like 30+ minutes long. I prefer shorter eps, anywhere between 7-12 minutes is perfect. It’s long enough to feel like I haven’t wasted a pass, but short enough so that I don’t get bored.

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i love LL but there are so many classic ink comedies that’ll never be beaten


I find the Ink art style to look better, but Limelight has so much more to offer, so dunno. :woman_shrugging:

By the book - Amberose

very underrated story. usually don’t like spotlight but for this one i really didn’t care bc the story is great

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can anyone be my friend :upside_down_face:

Ll all the way!

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I like Limelight for the visuals and Ink for the lively animations and possibilities for comedy story

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Both, I can’t choose. :laughing: INK is the best for comedy-stories and LL get updated. So, I choose both.



Something about INK just screams “Episode” to me, if that makes sense.


Limelight all the way

Definitely INK

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INK is a fun style for me. And it has a running and talking animation, which LL STILL doesn’t have. Also, you can do cool character edits with INK.

This probably sounds weird, but I love how INK hair looks, as well as most of the colors. Some of them are too similar, though (still love you, cayenne).


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