[POLL] Introducing CUSTOMIZED SPOTLIGHT! (Well... kinda.)

I’m planning on making 4 female MCs and 4 male MCs for the player to choose from and I just finished the female MCs (took me several hours for anyone wondering… but I swear I’m ok, everyone :cold_sweat:).

Improved image quality :+1:


I’m not home and not so much on my laptop these days, so I haven’t gotten much work done with these. But I’ll get right back to it when I get the chance.


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This looks so amazing :heart_eyes_cat:


Hi would you be willing to make these for people?

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This is exactly what I’m looking for! Is there a way to do this in the Episode creator?

Loooove this! I don’t want to steal the spotlight (ba dum ksh) so I’ll refrain from posting images of my WIP haha, but I’m doing something extremely similar if not the very same. I think the main difference between us is that I think(?) I have more layers in my psds and also I submit those layers as individual overlays to recombine them in coding, which can make things complicated very fast and of course it’s time-consuming.

For example, if I’m coding a character, it looks like this: base layer (as in the background within the frame), base body layer, any facial expression layers, any hair layers, any clothes or accessories layers, top frame layer. It’s a real pain, but it lets you customize well without having over a dozen overlays for one expression.

To save time when making lots of facial expressions, here’s my recommendation. Over your blank body layer, have the eyes, eyebrows, nose, and lips all be separate - just for your psd. That way, you can hide whatever layers you don’t want in the program at a time, save your pngs, and ultimately get more expressions with assets you’ve already spent time on.


One story I’ve wanted to write for a while, I couldn’t write using Episode’s usual assets because there’s nothing for the setting. I considered creating a visual novel from scratch, but it would have taken forever with all of the important characters. In other words, I’ll be using this as well… eventually.

Once I get my current projects finished, buy a new tablet, and find some spare time in my schedule, prepare to be blown away in July or August. Maybe later.