Poll: limelight or episode ink?


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Why must you make me choose ;-;



Sorry :sweat_smile:


I love INK. I am writing my first story in Limelight and I don’t like all the extra I have to put in just to get them to stop talking lol.


The looping animations (I assume that’s what you’re talking about lol) are exactly why I dislike writing in LL. I also just can’t over how static everything looks. INK will forever have my heart, which is A-OK with me. :kissing_heart:


Yes loop animation is what I was talking about I have been wanting to do a LL for so long and I started it a few days and I think it well be my only LL story unless they change a lot of things.


I think Limelight was a good idea it just felt a little rushed. Working with Limelight can be very hard and confusing to new writers who want to use Limelight for there story especially with extra animations . I think if Episode just used the same formatting like they do for INK it would be really fun to use.


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Static? Not to argue at all I’m just confused on what you mean lol. I think LL is smoother while Ink is dramatic.

I don’t mind the loop animations because when an Ink character stops talking, they’re frozen at the end of that animation, then they don’t move until they talk again and it’s unnatural/distracting. Authors direct better now so it doesn’t happen often anymore but it was a popular thing a year or 2 ago. The looping animations actually pushes the author imo (at least me lol) to replace the animation after the reader is done reading so it flows better.


Maybe static isn’t the right word to use lol. I think that, as beautiful as the actual style is (LL is aesthetic tbh, especially the girls), it comes off as really robotic looking in terms of the animations. That’s totally just me, though. Granted, I don’t read a lot of stories in LL and I haven’t really had the chance to experiment with it a whole lot myself, so that could be influencing my opinion.

Hmm, I never thought of it like this; I agree entirely! Maybe Episode themselves got tired of people not adding in extra animations, so they decided to put an end to that foolery once and for all. Who knows. :sweat_smile:


I think Classic is really robotic if you’ve seen their animations but you really should check out more LL stories! There are soooo many amazing ones! I love their animations now better than Ink and I rather read stories in LL. Also it’s still being developed so it’ll get even better. I still love Ink because I came at a time Ink was most popular but classic was still being featured so Ink is like my ‘classic’ lol. I do feel like LL is more improved though.


Ah, Classic. It’s amazing how far Episode has come since their debut! I’ll definitely try to read more LL, because I really do want to like it as much as I like INK lol. One day!


Hmm if you decide to read more LL stories… I REALLY recommend these & in no particular order because they’re all amazing. They’ll definitely make you like the style:

Envy & Dirty Little Secrets (same author) (mystery/drama)

Admit One (fantasy)

Becoming a SUPER Star (fantasy)

Not Your Ex (romance/drama)

Bye Bye Bad Boy (mystery/drama)

The Sabotage Stepladder (comedy/drama)

Reputation (drama)

Divided (action)

Edogon (sci-fi)

Bad Apple (drama)


Agree . I just hope they go back and work on things with it. Because I would love to do more in limelight but I just don’t really like writing in it the way it is.


I prefer Ink, but I’d like some LITERALLY NEUTRAL animations. I mean, the neutral ones should just be considered happy, because the character is smiling all the time. The ones that I like to use are short and not as animated, if that makes sense. talk_gossip, talk_shrug, talk_apathetic and talk_suggest are ones I use but… You know what I mean; there needs to be MORE!


I agree