POLL: Matching eye color👀

Sooo I got a story idea and I wanted to create MC and LI…
I’m stuck ;-;
I don’t know which eye color to pick so I’ll make a poll :DD
So here is the character and some eye colors I’ve been having trouble with

Click this

image image image image image

So now choose the eye color :hugs:

The best eye color for him is:
  • Ice blue
  • Black
  • Dark brown
  • Silver (grey)
  • Dark hazel

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PSHHHHH we love when no one agrees with you-

it was a close tie between ice blue & grey, but i think that ice blue was just a lilllll to bright and vibrant for me!

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yes i know

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I think the darker shades are very cool mainly the dark brown. He seems sweeter

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