POLL: Narrator Tutorials

For my current story, I don’t want to add a tutorial via a narrator speech bubble as I feel like it takes the reader out of the story. However, I was it to be as easy to use as possible.

You’re signing up to a dating site. After entering your name, would you expect to select your own sex or your LI’s? And, should I add an instruction to make it as clear as possible?

If you would prefer, you can awnser the poll on my Instagram instead, @laurellee27_author.

Selecting your sex

  • I’d expect to select my own sex first.
  • I’d expect to select my LI’s sex first.

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  • Add the tutorial.
  • Don’t add the tutorial.

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For the tutorial maybe you could add in the option to read the tutorial or skip it?

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I didn’t think of that, thanks. Though it’ll only be roughly 3 lines of dialogue.

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Fair enough :slight_smile: id probably keep it in then

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