POLL: Need help deciding on a name for my FL

  • Leyre (meaning ‘pertaining to a legion’)
  • Riannon (meaning ‘great queen’)
  • Azélie (meaning ‘noble kind’)
  • Adrasteia (meaning 'not inclined to run away)
  • Nahia (meaning ‘desire, wish’)

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I’m having a difficult time deciding. I’m honestly having a hard time deciding between Leyre, Riannon, and Adrasteia… But there are other names, as well.

It’s a fantasy story, by the way.

Leyre is definitely for me haha love the meaning and it’s a really unique name don’t think i’ve ever come across anything like it before :blush: The one that’s leading right now (Azelie) i’m 100% positive i’ve seen in other stories a lot with that spelling or similar spellings so I wouldn’t use it just because it’s been used a fair bit IMO but the rest i’ve never seen before are beautiful and have really cool meanings especially Riannon :blush: I can see why you’re having so much trouble tho :sweat_smile:

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Oh, so Azelie is common. I certainly don’t want anything common. Thank you for your input. :heart:

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At least for me but it’s still a beautiful name and has a cool meaning tho :slightly_smiling_face: And you’re welcome :two_hearts:

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