Poll of the Week: [A Book By Its Cover...]

Greetings, yall!

Time for another poll-of-the-week! I’ve been a bit behind with these recently, so sorry for that! :cry:

Last poll’s came in with a majority of us voting for sleep as the one thing we can’t live without. And as soon as I’m done with this, I’m probably going to take a nap myself. :joy: Thanks to everyone who voted!

This week’s poll is about Books!

What draws your attention to a new prospective read?

  • The cover
  • The blurb
  • The author
  • I just pick at random
  • Other

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Let’s get votin’, y’all! :cowboy_hat_face:


Is Sydney okay??


cover and title make me look. but its the description there makes me read.

I often see stories with great covers. and then the description dont sound good at all. the worst are the ones with it so wage I legit are thinking what is this story even about.


I keep saying not to judge a book by it’s cover but - I- I’m sorry :sob:

I click if the cover is relevant to the title, but even if the cover is relevant to the title and doesn’t look at all at least a little bit attractive, I’m sorry but I would not dare to read the story. Description or brief explanation of the plot is also really important for me.


I find the cover art of most novels to be pretty simplistic or subdued, so I don’t pay much attention to it. The only thing on the cover that would make me pick it up is the font ratio of the author name to the title. I have a prejudice not to read a book where the author name is in a larger font than the title. It makes it seem generic.

The blurb is most of what catches my attention. Either on the back or the inside of the book jacket. You won’t catch me reading something with no blurb.

And tbh, I’ve been too lazy lately to read lots of books, I mostly just read new books published by the authors I liked 6 years ago. :joy:


I’m so glad we can pick more than one! :joy::sleepy:

So pretty covers are definitely bound to catch my eye, but if I can’t get past the blurb, then it’s a no go. The blurb is the most important factor for me I think. There’s only ONE author whose books I’ll pick up if I see her name and read based off that alone.

Another important thing for me is how the characters. If I can get a good feel of the characters beforehand then that helps me decide as well since I think characters are pretty much the most important thing in a novel. There’s nothing I dislike more than picking up a book and reading because it sounds so good and the characters are just :sleeping: or enrage me with their dumb mistakes. lol

I can definitely say that I’ve gotten a LOT more critical of books in my older age and a lot more factors go into if I’m going to read it or not than when I was a kid. :joy:

Oooh! Also:

Take care of yourself, Sydney! You get that nap and rest! :blush:


So it’s a series of steps lol. If I don’t like the look of the cover and title, I won’t even tap to read the description. If the description is very low-effort, I probably won’t give it a try. However, if the story is from an author I’ve repeatedly enjoyed in the past, none of the above matter because said author has already established their skill with me.


The thing with me is the description, the author and the cover. If it was written by an author that I know and love I’ll look at the cover, if it has a good looking cover I’ll read the description, if it has a good description I’ll read the book.

Or someone will sugest it to me.

P.S. Don’t know if this is the place to put it but whatever. Read Ready Player One (the book, not the movie) by Ernest Cline, it is the best book of all time! Trust me, you’ll love you just have to read the first 10 pages and you’ll be hooked.


So I got this in a Loot Crate years and years ago and I somehow never read it. :joy: I wonder if I still even have it. I told myself I’d eventually read it but I always forgot. Lmao


Well, for me the most important the description also. But if I don’t know the author the cover has to catch my eye first.

However, I’m suspicious if I like the book when I realise I’ve been standing for 2 hours on the store instead of buying it right away and going home. I still buy it arrives home half read at least :joy:

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Definitely the author for me…even if I’m not impressed by the cover or the description I’m still willing to give it a chance if it’s by someone who follows me or someone I see frequently on the forums :upside_down_face:

fun fact I actually just releaise a book I bought was by an author I really like. I had just forgot his name. it was Niel Gaiman. I had acutally same day bought another book of his Coraline comic version. and the other book I bought was sleeper and the spindle. and it was when I got home I saw it was same author

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