Poll of the Week: [Android vs iOS]



Well Episodians, the results are in for last weeks poll and our winner won by a landslide!

Digital Writing took the gold with an overwhelming 81% of votes!

This week we put the two major phone platforms to the test!


  • Android (Samsung, HTC, OnePlus, LG, Google Pixel, Huawei & more)
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc)

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That’s right! We have done the unthinkable! Choose between the two major players in the mobile device field and let us know which one you prefer and why :smiley: .



Hehe. iPhone for sure


Apple for the win!! :confetti_ball::joy:






Note: This is my personal opinion and mine alone. This does not reflect the opinion of Episode or PocketGems.

On that note…:wink: I’m not sure if he is wiping his bottom with it or polishing it, lol. Either way I needed an excuse to post this. :rofl:

But in all seriousness, if anyone want’s to discuss the two, I’m down to talk about them in this topic. I prefer Android because of not only the feature rich experience, but mostly because of the customization that Android provides that I never experienced with my previous iPhone. But then again, I haven’t used one since the iPhone 3 :thinking:


Hehe lol


Android for the win! (I’ve never used an iPad or iPhone in my life but have used a Samsung and it’s awesome).


Omg I love that gif :joy::heart_eyes: it’s so true


android rocks!


I actually had the very first gen iPhone that was made of metal (but different than the modern ones) and loved it, tbh. But the droid won me over once they rolled out the more modern versions of Android. :slight_smile:


Apple all the way!
Has a minimalistic look
Easy to use
Better camera quality (I’m no tech savvy but I do think the quality is nice)
Hardly gets viruses
iMessage games!


Samsung I’ve grown up with it since my dad hates Apple products


Me too
I’ve only had Samsung lol


I have a Samsung phone, Android or Apple doesn’t matter me as long as I have a phone


I have an iPhone right now and for the past 5 years, I’ve only had iPhones.
Many people in my area choose Apple because of the brand though, and not necessarily because they think their products are the best.
However, I would never switch back to Android. I’ve only had a few Android phones but now that I’ve tried both, I think Apple beats Android by a landslide. With my Android phones, I always found them becoming very slow very quickly. I’ve never had that problem with iPhones.




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Apple!! Lol every time I try to use someones Samsung I get super confused… perhaps I don’t like Samsung cause I don’t know it and cause I do also have a Samsung A5 along with my iPhone 6S Plus and Episode stories look a little funny on my Samsung, fonts show up a bit funky…cause its old?..lol,can’t speak for the newer Samsungs…