Poll of the Week: [Anime vs Cartoons]



Hello Episodians!

The results of last week’s poll are in! And it looks like coffee has narrowly beaten out tea for the hot beverage top-spot!

Congrats to the ol’ bean and thanks to everyone who voted and participated! Feeling ready for another round?


This week, we’re pitting two beloved animation styles and traditions against each other! It’s Anime vs Cartoons! Which one are you feeling?

  • Anime
  • Cartoons

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Anime for the win!!


Cartoons for me! :raising_hand_woman:t4:
From what I’ve seen, anime usually has the same style.
Cartoons have some really bizarre characters.


I like the old Looney Toon types of cartoons.
I don’t watch many other cartoons or anime.






For me it was Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry (when they didn’t ruin it by making them talk) and hey Arnold :heart: Oh and recess!


I love anime too much. It’s bc I draw it a lot lol


I love cartoons :3 I currently love star vs forces of evil & miraculous ladybug & My little Pony




Oh my goodness I ALWAYSSSSSS watched hey Arnold!!!


The most shocking thing about Hey Arnold was he was wearing a shirt not a dress :joy:


:joy: I never even realized that


I only found out a few months ago so you aren’t alone with not realizing! I came across an article about Hey Arnold and saw that and thought “how did I not notice?!” :joy:

The same article mentioned Rugrats (which I loved and still do more than anything), Phil & Lil can be seen as genderless, Chuckie had a single working dad as a parent and Phil & Lil’s parents had a role reversal… She was masculine and he was feminine.

It’s funny what you don’t realize til your older :thinking:


:joy: it really is and the rugrats it makes since I could never tell between those two.


I always looked for the little pink bow :ribbon:

There was quite a few they mentioned but I can’t remember them all. They mentioned Recess too. Spinelli’s male personality, the infrastructure of the playground was like politics - King Bob, Randall e.t.c
It’s amazing the amount of detail they put into kids programmes that kids wouldn’t and don’t understand :joy: I’m pretty sure Hey Arnold was written to mirror poverty and the characters each represented a minority affected the most by it.


One of the main reasons why I loved Hey Arnold.


I just found this and thought everyone might be interested to know what their favourite childhood cartoons represented:

Johnny Bravo - Unsolicited and relentless flirting is never a way to gain a woman’s affection.
The Flintstones - You can lead a happy life without technology
Scooby Doo - The real monsters are humans & food is life.
Roadrunner - Never give up.
Powerpuff Girls - Size doesn’t matter and you can be a badass without compromising femininity
Courage, The Cowardly Dog - Face your fears head on.
Dexters Laboratory - It’s ok to love science and have a passion at a young age.
Tom & Jerry - Even if you fight with your BFF all the time, you still love them at the end of the day.
Popeye - We can all harness strength from somewhere.
The Addams Family - You’re not weird, just different.


Dude I love the Adams family.
We wear black on Wednesday