Poll of the Week: [April Showers]

Hey guys, welcome back to poll of the week! My apologies for not getting this up sooner. :cry: Our results from last week’s poll are in, and the winner was COW :cow: Give it up for cow! :joy:

We’re all probably a little familiar with the saying April showers bring May flowers, but the downside of rain outside is that we have to stay inside.

So what’s your favourite rainy day activity?

  • Episode!
  • Something artsy–drawing/painting or music-related
  • Cooking
  • Hanging out with online friends
  • Playing with my pets!
  • Annoying my family/housemates
  • Binge-watching TV shows
  • Bold of you to assume I’m remaining inside when there’s a lovely world outside to explore
  • You guys get rain?!?

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Lets get votin, yall! :cowboy_hat_face:


When it rains, I either sleep, or be on Episode, or just watch the rain and feel the nice cool breeze and think about life and what the future holds.

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the facts that it rains dosent do anything in my life. the biggest note is I maybe will say “det regner” and thats it

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Where’s the “Play video games” option? That’s what I like to do on rainy days.
:video_game: :joystick:


Rain helps me sleep so well! We’ve got a few days of rain later this week… I’m gonna be so well-rested.

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I laugh at the people outside who don’t have an umbrella :smiling_imp:

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…You guys get sun? ‘Rainy days’ are just days where I am… :open_mouth:


Where’s the “Go out in the rain and get a cold” option? :joy:

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If you think I’m too old to jump in a puddle much to the protest of my Evil-Lynn person you are incorrect


a mood :joy: is that dutch?

:flushed: i knew i forgot something!

so mean :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t want to encourage unsafe behaviour, but this is honestly what I do myself :joy:

bold of you to assume I assumed you were too old for anything :smiling_imp:

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its danish, it just mean it rain. regner also means calculating. you wont belive how many times I have heard its perfect rain weather to do calculating det perfekt regne vær til at regning. its the most over used sentence when its rain in a math class

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That’s pretty cool! I recognized the phrase since it’s really similar to the German term for rain: der regen. :sweat_smile:

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yeah I failed German. though to be fair I failed all classes while I had German.

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