Poll of the Week: [Born Under Another Sign]

Greetings, Episodians! :partying_face: A big thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s poll!

This week’s poll will be something a little different from the usual. :scream:

If you died and were reincarnated, would you want to keep your current astrological sign, or be born under a different one? :eyes:

  • I’d prefer the same one :grin:
  • Might be fun to try something new :thinking:
  • Don’t think I’d care either way :woman_shrugging:

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Let’s get votin’, y’all! :cowboy_hat_face:


I enjoy being an earth sign and I appreciate that it gives me some stability. But I mean… I wouldn’t mind seeing what life is like as a fire sign. :eyes: Could possibly be chaotic and kind of fun. lol


No change for me. I like my chart just the way it is. :tipping_hand_woman:


I’m a Scorpio for a reason. Heck, i know I’m the most common but aye, the signs ain’t defining our personalities.

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I wouldn’t really care because signs don’t define our personality nor our life. I would be pretty indifferent.


I think I like my current sign and I don’t wanna change it.

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Nope! I’ve grown to love my two personalities. Being a Gemini is not for everyone but I love it. Plus whenever I act up I tell my mom it is her fault for conceiving me the day she did because she made me a Gemini. (Not logical but it works)


I’ve never cared much about astrology but it would be cool to be born in summer so I could actually celebrate my birthday :eyes::sparkles:


I’d be fine being reincarnated as any other sign to be honest (except a libra)

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For real. Some of the absolute worst people I’ve ever met are all unevolved Libras. :skull:


I enjoy the overwhelming amount of fire in my chart, but I would do literally anything in this world to trade in my water moon. Please this is a cry for help

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It’s weird to imagine being born under a different sign but each birth chart specifically lays out what you and your journey will be like during this lifetime. So if I had the exact same chart in a another life time I would be going through the exact same stuff.

Personally I think the worst people I’ve met are usually capricorns but idk man Libras stress me out :joy:

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That tracks sksk. Capricorns are easily the most intense earth sign. Top three signs I like least when they’re unevolved: Libras, Aries, Pisces.

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I’m happy to keep Pisces :slight_smile: because I actually relate to it so much

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