Poll of the Week: [Classic vs Limelight vs Ink]



Hello Episodians!

The results of last week’s poll are in it looks like cat’s scratched their way to the top! Congrats to our furry and adorable friends!

Thank you all for voting!

Are you ready for a pretty special round of Poll of the week? This week’s poll is our first Episode related poll so please make sure to vote! Your voice counts and the team want’s to make sure that it is heard :smiley:

That’s right! Make your opinion official by participating in this poll and letting the Episode team and community know which style deserves the win! Which one will you vote for? Let us know in the poll below!

  • Classic
  • Limelight
  • Ink

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Votes for Limelight and Ink!
Will Ink Go Away?
What do u prefer
Nothing here!:)
Are there any new clothing items coming out anytime soon for LL?


Ahhh this is our chance :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::pray:


Classic all the way :heart_eyes: :two_hearts: I miss the updates, but I get you have to work on the newer styles. Who else voted Classic?


Aww I love Classic too


INK forever!! :heart::joy:


Ink for the win! :raising_hand_woman:


Ink for the Win!!!


Classic is my favorite. When I first started playing INK was becoming popular, but I quickly grew to love Classic.

They have the best hairstyles too.




Yay :heart_eyes:


ink for the win


Classic all the way! :heart::kissing_heart:

The girls are beautiful and love the hairstyle! Handsome guys too! :heart_eyes:


Classic is the best! I have been playing episode since it first started, when there was only classic, looong before ink or limelight ever came out. Classic was, and always will be in a special spot in my heart and it will Always be my personal favorite.


I love classic so much I wish they still updated


Ink has been my absolute favorite the whole time I was playing Episode.


INK all the way, I feel the classic is old and when I joined episode INK was still new so I got used to it and I saw my friends reading classic stories but I didnt like them…also LimeLight is toooooooo realistic Idk know if reaalistic is what I really mean LOL I just dont know how to explain it
and the animations I feel isnt good like the INK one


was gonna pick classic because nostalgia but then I was like nah


INK! :heart_eyes:


Limelight all the way! :heart_eyes_cat::sparkling_heart: