Poll of the Week: [Coffee vs Tea]



Hello Episodians!

The results of last week’s poll are in and it looks like Ninja’s defeated the pirates in an epic poll for the ages!

Thank you all for voting!


Are you ready for another exciting competition? This week, we’re pitting Coffee & Tea against each other! Which one will you vote for? Good luck to both delicious brews!

  • Coffee
  • Tea

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Cooooffffeeeeee!!! Nomnom




Tea. Definitely tea,

Not only it has a wider variety of flavours but it’s better for my health.
Also, it’s my comfort drink as well as what I drink when working.


I don’t drink any coffee, but I do drink a select few varieties of tea.


tea. I think coffee tastes like burnt toast. Completely black and crumbling.



i only enjoy Citrus teas so i’ll have to go with Coffee. i live off of Iced Coffee.


I drink both! However if I could only pick one it would be tea:))


I’m drinking coffee as I type right now so…XD


:coffee: Would you like a cup of tea?