Poll of the Week: [Cooking vs Take Out]

Gooooooooood day Episodians!

The results of last week’s poll are in it looks like Mean Girls pulled ahead with a pretty fetch outcome of 45% of the votes! Looks like the classics live on!

Now on to our next poll of the week!


Cooking vs Take Out!!

  • Cooking (I love to spend time creating my own delicious meals! Major noms!)
  • Take Out (Forget cooking, I would rather have someone else do it for me. I have writing and scripting to do!)

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So let us and the rest of the community know. Do you prefer to create your own delicious dishes for yourself and others? Or would you rather spend less time and order some tasty take out? Let us know above and in the comments below. Make your voice heard! :smiley:


Trust me, this happens outside of college as well ;). But add an egg or some other tasty food to your ramen and it can taste even better than most delivery :yum:


I could spend all day cooking…I love it!

I want to pick both D:

but in the end . . .

I don’t like cleaning up my mess, so #Let’s Go Out!


Cooking!!! :heart_eyes: the food i make is bomb lmao

I feel like there’s gonna be a tie between the two :thinking:

I love doing Come Dine With Me with my friends at uni. We do it at least once every semester