Poll of the Week: Default Forum Emojis (🤩)

They were a part of Facebook (previously) hence why the new emojis switched 'cause Facebook has updated new ones.

I’ve mentioned it here:

If people want to view the old emojis, you can. They were the 2.0-2.2.1 version’s with the 3.0 being the latest (current) one for Facebook.

Also if anybody wants to check them all out here’s the list:

Apple emojis: 🍏 Apple Emoji List — Emojis for iPhone, iPad and macOS [Updated: 2024]

Google emojis: Google Emoji List — Emojis for Android [Updated: 2024]

Twitter emojis: 🐦 Twitter / X Emoji List — Emojis for Twitter and TweetDeck

Emoji One emojis:https://emojipedia.org/emojione/4.5/

Facebook emojis: 👍 Facebook Emoji List — Emojis and Reacts for Facebook [Updated: 2023]

Basically just click on an emoji and it shows the previous version. If you were to remove the ending parts of the link (ex. write 👍 Facebook Emoji List — Emojis and Reacts for Facebook [Updated: 2023] without the 3.0/ then it’ll lead you to a main page where u can click on an emoji and compare it with other softwares like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung) OR you can click on the blue Facebook 3.0 in Emojis from Facebook 3.0 are displayed below, which will lead u to the link above and you can compare previous Facebook emojis (this can be applied to all of the different softwares that have emojis, in a similar manner although they’ll say different things, seriously emojipedia is so cool).

OK, hope I didn’t complicate things and I hope this helps and I’ve cast my vote :heart: