Poll of the Week: [Digital or Physical (Books)]

Hello Episodians!

The results of last week’s poll are in and it looks like most of you aren’t scared of superstitions and just want to live life to the fullest! Thanks to everyone in the community who participates in these polls! :grin: You are helping Episode and the community with getting to know you.

Now on to our next poll of the week!


Physical vs Digital!

  • Physical Books (I love the feeling of that paper between my fingers)
  • Digital Books (Eh, I feel that digital is the way to go and more portable)
  • Either (As long as I have my stories it doesn’t matter)

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We know the community is busy reading stories on other platforms including books in their free time. So let us know which way you prefer and enjoy the most when getting the most out of your reading cram sessions!


Either! Digital since episode is there lol and also wattpad but you cant just forget the old and common ways of flipping pages right?

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Just stepping foot in a library or bookstore evokes this weird placebo effect where I swear I can feel myself gaining IQ points.


I can read 1000 page real books no problem, but then when there are like at least seven paragraph replies or articles I have to read, I suddenly don’t have the attention span to read the whole thing.

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Physical books, nothing beats the original format!


Omg me too.
Especially the smell of a brand new book :joy:


Either of those two. I don’t mind :yellow_heart:

@liveyourdreams for president

Might I say how surprised I am that physical took this match! Pretty exciting! :astonished: