Poll of the Week: [Everybody Make a Scene]

Its almost time, Episodians!

Halloween is a week away, and as our last poll indicated, some of us are getting into the spirit! :ghost: Some of us are stealing other people’s costumes. :smiling_imp:

This week’s poll is another Halloween-themed poll!

What are your Halloween plans?

  • Trick-or-treating! :ghost:
  • Party party party! :partying_face:
  • Scary movie marathon! :smiling_imp:
  • Sleeeeeeeep :sleeping:
  • Eat all the candy! :grin:
  • I dunno, play Episode? :relieved:
  • Pull pranks on unsuspecting victims :clown_face:
  • HIDE :scream:
  • I have secrets to keep :sunglasses:

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Let’s get votin’, y’all! :cowboy_hat_face:


A scary movie marathon sounds amazing, I’m most likely going to do that :smirk: :smiling_imp: and I would eat all the candy but can’t find it…my mom had to hide it from me although I don’t blame her, I have a lack of willpower when it comes to sweets :sweat_smile: We need to hand it out to the people trick or treating :see_no_evil: I can have what’s left though :nerd_face: :jack_o_lantern:




How’s this for scary- In the basement where I sleep two spiders and a centipede (I think it’s called that) with many legs crawled right by my matress :woozy_face: I’m now sleeping upstairs in the master bedroom temporarily and the bathroom door’s open across from the bed, all dark, like it’s an endless spooky abyss :first_quarter_moon_with_face:


omg…i would scream till i pass out…


Hocus Pocus, lots of candy, Samhain rituals, and whatever else the roommate and I get up to! Lol

I’m just gonna sleeep :sleeping: We don’t even celebrate Halloween in our country sooo sleep it is. And maybe some work on saturday :persevere:

still dont celebrate halloween in my country. but halloween is also still my birthday

My family used to not celebrate Halloween, it’s rarely celebrated in Australia. (If you’re an aussie author where it is celebrated. You’re lucky.)

So I had to convince them to let me trick or treat, but I managed to sway my town into the festivities each year when I went and got turned down by people who didn’t celebrate. (I dunno I guess they saw the empty bag each year and felt sorry but soon the whole town started joining in and trick or treating. Mind you literally NOT ONE PERSON CELEBRATED HALLOWEEN.)

And now me and my nana are the queens of Halloween… We go to her house Every year (she lives in town) and we decorate with all new stuff we buy… I’d say at the current value. This years decorations (using old decorations and new) equals the value of perhaps 2k. xD We go all out haunted house baby. Last year we ACTUALLY had competition. Nana’s neighbors made their own machine decorations… Talking chucky dolls, floating hologram ghosts, a butler statue which had the trick or treat candy, which literally grabs your hand and then looks at you when you reach for the candy. XD We going traditional rustic styling and they go modern but it’s fun to compete and then run off with each others candy. (their kids would come sneakily take our candy and then I’d go over and loudly and OBVIOUSLY sneak theirs! but we love friendly rivalry. xD)



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Definitely movie marathon
And reading scary stories to tell in the dark

I wish had Halloween :joy::woman_facepalming:t3:

hmmm what if idk what to do for halloween

Definitely going to be scaring people with my costume, it’s pretty crazy :relieved:

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