Poll of the Week: [Favorite Candies!]



Howdy howdy Episodians! :smile: Results are in from our latest poll and it looks like the majority is in favor of singing rather than playing an instrument (myself included). Kudos to all you lovely singers out there, and much appreciation to those who can create music with their hands. And of course, thanks to everyone for participating! :wink:

And now on to this week’s scrumptious poll!

  • Chocolate (includes things like Snickers, Kit-Kats, anything chocolate-based)
  • Gummies or Jellies
  • Mints (hard ones, soft ones, any kind of mint!)
  • Chewing Gum
  • Something Else!

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Time to get our sweet tooth on! Multiple choice so pick more than one if you want! :wink: Happy votin’ y’all! :cowboy_hat_face:



My fav is Violet Crumble :drooling_face:


Chocolateeeeeeeeeeeeee :chocolate_bar:




Chocolates all the way - dark chocolate is a mood :heart_eyes:


I like sour candies and some chocolates

Dude i’m craving for some right now


I don’t like chocolate but I love trolli crawlers


Jolly Ranchers have the largest place in my heart, lol! :heart_eyes::rofl:



But a special mention to this brand (and basically all the lollies that they make) which is probably the #1 thing I miss from Australia (including my family :rofl:):

Don’t chop the dinosaur, Daddy!


Obviously gum.

Do you see my pfp?




Multiple choice? Clicked one and that was it… I could choose all of the above, not too much at a time, of course. What about Cookies? :cookie:


Fixed to multiple choice. Thanks for pointing this out! :smiley:


I really thought it was me who messed up. :sweat_smile:
Glad I could help. :v:


@Miss_Moonlight: Is this not the perfect time and place to inform people about your new Candy Store? :lollipop::wink:


Anyone a fan of lollipops here? :eyes:


Cookies and coffee are mood, bro :cookie: :coffee:


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