Poll of the Week: [Ninjas vs Pirates]



Hello Episodians!

The results of last week’s poll are in! And despite some love for Peeps, Cadbury Eggs had a lead that couldn’t be cracked!

Thank you all for voting!

Time to buckle up for another break-neck poll!


This week we’re pitting those eternal enemies, Ninjas and Pirates against each other! Which one will you side with?

  • Ninjas
  • Pirates

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I’m sorry, ninjas are just too cool.


Pirates are literal thieves, ninjas for me any day of the week




Murderers & Thieves vs Skilled Assassins? I’m gonna go with the assassins lol


Ninja’s are just way more cooler! For example, say your were making background stories for them…

Yemi the Ninjas Background Story
Yemi’s first memory was waking up in a dark cave. Up until she was five, she had to fend for herself. One day, Yemi witnessed a group of people sneaking into “The Aserkat Estate” which was owned by the wealthiest woman on earth, Cardi Sven. She followed them in there as sneaky as she could, but Yemi being her clumsy self, she tripped over a trap wire. The group of unknown people quickly realized that someone followed them and took out all there weapon. When they turned around, they realized that a it was a little. They decided to take the girl into there care and raise Yemi to be a ninja just like them. Now, Yemi is s one of the best ninjas in the world…

Toni the Pirates Background Story
Toni’s dad was a pirate so he followed in his footsteps…

I mean c’mon, which one is cooler?




Ninjas all the way


… aren’t assasins also murderers?


Pirates = glorified sea-robbers

Ninja = trained spies that do some assassinations on the side and work for specific people

Often what ninjas did could be considered as part of war.
There’s a difference between killing the leader of an enemy castle and killing a bunch of merchants that never did anything to you.


i definitely don’t deny that ninjas are much more honorable and skillful than pirates, i’d just like to acknowledge that ninjas also kill people (:


Deeply concerned with the lack of respect shown for Pirates on this thread, smh…:pensive:


Ever watch Black Sails? They are a bunch of scoundrels! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



The only reason I’m going with Pirates is because of Balthier from FFXII. That man was the love of my early teenage years. :joy: Also, Isabela from Dragon Age II! :heart_eyes: