Poll of the Week: [Pizza vs Fried Chicken]



Howdy howdy Episodians! :cowboy_hat_face: Results are in from our latest poll and it looks like IOS won by a slim margin of 55% to Android’s 45%! Whew, that was a close one!

Now on to this week’s delicious discussion!


  • Pizza
  • Fried Chicken

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They’re hearty, they’re unhealthy, they’re our favorite greasy snack food! Let us know which one is your favorite and why! Happy votin’ y’all :cowboy_hat_face:



Pineapple pizza


yess :smiley:


Pizza pizzzzaaaaaaaa​:pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza:


Pineapple pizza or cheese pizza. :upside_down_face::yum::tulip::purple_heart:


Fried chicken?? :joy::joy::joy::sob: Is my life


I hate pizza so I’ll go with fried chicken :rofl:


But am trying to switch to a vegetarian lifestyle ^^


I am a vegetarian.

Extra cheese pizza all the way, yo!


omg. This is tough! Especially since they go so well together! But I have to go with pizza, just because it’s more of a treat!


Well, I usually preferred Pizza.


mmm…fried chicken.


I love eating Hawaiian pizza and pizza with mushrooms, bacon, olives and pepperoni.



:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Hmmm :thinking:
This is 1000000% a trap.

But i guess pizza because i can get it anyway I want it…even with chicken :wink: