Poll of the Week: [Potatoes]

Greetins’, Episodians! Results are in from last week’s poll and it looks like we’re all interested in seeing more content for the forums! A big thanks to everyone who contributed their votes. :grin:

Now on to this week’s poll! I must confess I’ve been looking forward to Thanksgiving forever so let’s talk about one of the best foods to eat over the holidays.

What’s your favorite way to cook these deliciously starchy tubers? :potato:

  • Deep-fried
  • Boil’em
  • Mash’em
  • Stick’em in a stew
  • Roasted to kingdom come
  • RAW
  • Other (let us know in the comments below!)

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Let’s get votin’ y’all! :cowboy_hat_face:


mash em alll upppppppppppppppppppppp

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Alright, who’s eating them raw :joy:


oh noooooooooooo ononononoonoo. Ill die if someone eat it raw. lol


:grin: It is pretty interesting going down raw, I must say. But if you put enough salt on anything, whole new worlds of possibility are opened up. :joy:



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I have but in juicing. Raw potatoes.

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Juicing definitely makes sense. For some reason, I always think of literally digging potatoes out of the ground to consume them whole and unwashed. :blush:

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While we are on the topic of potatoes…

If anyone says “Jacket potatoes!!” I swear to God-

its not jacked. Its baked. :triumph:

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Who calls them jacket potatoes? :joy: Does that refer to wrapping them in tin foil or something?


Mashed potatoes is so much better :joy: My mum puts mayonnaise in it to make them good :yum:

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I call them that :scream:

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The gif! And the reference in the options of the poll! I’m in love haha

Also, I’d like to add that scalloped potatoes are delicious as well, and aligot (cheesy mashed potatoes) too

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I just found a picture of “jacket potatoes” with baked beans stuffed in them. :thinking: It looks…tasty :smiling_imp:

Oh gosh, scalloped potatoes! So good! :yum:


British people say it… why are they making the poor potatoes wear jackets? :cold_sweat:

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I think it may refer to stuffing them with goodies when baking them. But I know not for certain. :smile:


What’s 'taters, precious?


I like potatoes boiled, mashed, and stuck in stews.
I also enjoy them roasted, scalloped, microwaved, fried in a pan with beans, deep-fried and doused in ketchup, in potato salad, in lefse, in bread, in hotdish…
I eat a lot of potatoes.


I’m a complete weirdo, I hate potatoes unless they’re chips :joy:, that fried goodness with chicken salt :ok_hand:

Lol, I only like chips and those cheap fries from Macdonalds, and I don’t like the actual potato. My sister thinks I’m weird lol.

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