Poll of the Week: [Potatoes]



I like fried because does are French fries


I love you


Thank you. I love me too.


Do french fries count as potatoes here? :yum:


I absolutely love baked potatoes and gratin! They are absolutely delicious and now I’m extremely hungry! :potato::fire:


@Effie likes em raw lol


We have them with cheese as well :joy: Why do non English people call it baked potato?? :thinking:


You know me so well :joy:


I usually make chilli garlic potato bites, first mashing them potatoes up in a bowl, then making the ingredients, then mixing the mashed potatoes and ingredients, then making small bites balls outta them, then pre heating the fryer, then putting the balls in the deep heated oil, then cooking for about 8-10 minutes until they look golden brown, then serving them hot in a plate with tissue (to take off the excess oil), then putting them dips or sauce or whatever condiments with them.

So yeah, to conclude, I like deep frying and mashing potatoes :joy: (that was a long explanation, LOL)


Deep-fried, boil’em and mash’em :sunglasses:
Haven’t tried the others but perhaps one day I shall :thinking: :heart_eyes_cat: :sparkling_heart:


Because it is a potato that is baked. XD


I like to boil mines then cut them in half put sour cream on them with lemon pepper
Its good lol


But I cook… :exploding_head:


Raw is okay, but then it needs to be with something else


Sauteed potatoes (garlic&dill) :yum:


French fries are the most valid of all potatoes. :heart_eyes:





Hellooo??? Deep-fried is the ONLY answer


Sweet potato:3

(And nooooo , THEY ARE NOT MADE OUT OF SWEETS! they just have more flavour in my opinion )


Regular potatoes can be a little bland. :stuck_out_tongue: Sweet potato fries though :yum: