Poll of the Week: [Saver or Spender]

Howdy Episodians! :wave: Time for our weekly poll! Let’s have a peek at last week’s results. 49% of our 75 participants voted that being able to write on Episode whenever would make their day better, while 46% said that access to friends and family would brighten things up. There was a 32% vote for an infinite supply of books, 28% for an option of their own choosing, and only 25% for unlimited caffeine. :thinking: Does that mean 19 users on here want to be unstoppable caffeine gods? :joy:

Now for this week’s poll!


Are you a saver or a spender? Prefer to keep your shopping list with just the things you need, or like to break the bank with your extravagant purchases? :money_mouth_face:

  • Saver :sunglasses:
  • Spender :star_struck:

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Let’s get votin’, y’all! :cowboy_hat_face:


Spender :sunglasses: but I’m a careful spender.


I wish both was an option lol


Would add that on but I think it messes with the results. :grin:


Definitely a saver.

But I’m a spender too :smirk:


Saver for sure. Can’t spend money if you don’t have any :wink:


Saver. I like to save money. I don’t like to recklessly spend.


I’m definitely a saver. Reason being: I been in bad situations before and me having saved all my money like I do literally saved my life ^^’

So…I’ll always be a saver. However, I did used to give away money like an idiot and I’m not doing that anymore!! X’DD


I save my money…wait, that’s a lie.


Saver, and I spend wisely. Making your way to billions is hard and you’ve gotta start small :grin:


I am a saver mostly but I even save only with the motive to spend, if that makes sense. :joy: Like, I don’t purchase any thing I don’t really need and when I have a lot of money, I buy myself something expensive. (For example, last year when I got a lot of money, I bought a two Wheeler and learnt how to drive it and this year I am planning to buy a computer, both with my own money.)


I have no idea what to choose from them because if I am a ‘Saver’, then my sister is going to snoop out my money wherever I hide it and if I am a ‘Spender’, then I know my money’s got no lives (because you know, SALE AND FOOD IS LIFE!!!) So either way, I’m broke :sweat_smile:


How about saver when forced to and spender in my free time? :laughing:


When I get paid, I save some of it and then leave the rest for me to buy whatever I want.


I wish I could be one of those kids in that GIF :relieved:

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I’m the friend who buys extra snacks / drinks for friends! I gotta spend that Episode money on something!


Spender. Cannot help it.

This is too close to home, deal with it.

College. When I hear my class mates’ stomachs growling, I just ought to do something. I am like a mother bird feeding her babies.

Birthdays. Today is my father’s birthday, for instance. I just destroyed my credit card to buy him more expensive gifts than I can handle because I love him with all my being.

Books. I buy books all the time. Books are something I want physically. I do not want to read them through a screen, I want the books now. All at once. Immediately.

Useless stuff. Sighs. Useless stuff.

And my ruin: alcohol. I am not a chronic drinker, but… well, I do love drinking. Probably more than I should.

I am on saver mode right now for many reasons, though. No more alcohol, useless stuff, or feeding people until further notice. I broke my phone on purpose and I cannot work without one, so I had to buy a new one, and man that is going to bruise. Also, my country… the inflation. Dear Lord, the inflation here. I am actually having second thoughts about my father’s gifts right now :confounded:


Definitely a saver…it’s a pretty unhealthy habit though :grimacing: I’d love to be a spender


Your sis robs you? :scream:

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