Poll of the Week: [Singing vs Playing Musical Instruments]



Hey y’all Episodians! :grin: Results are in from our last poll and it looks like an overwhelming majority of y’all prefer pizza to fried chicken! (Honestly, same) :smile: Thanks to everyone for participating!

Now this week’s poll will focus on all you music lovers out there!


  • Singing
  • Playing a Musical Instrument (any kind!)

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That’s right! Do you prefer singing or playing a musical instrument? Now’s the time to let your voices be heard! Happy votin’ y’all. :cowboy_hat_face:


I love doing both :heart: But I feel more emotional when I play the piano :wink:


I am reaaalllyyyy AWFUL at singing, but I love it anyway :joy::joy::rofl:


Shouldn’t this be pinned?

@Jeremy @Sydney_H

Thank you for this! Definetly singing! :microphone:


Any wind instruments here? Lol I’m a flute and sometimes my notes don’t even come out correctly but I still enjoy it :smile: :musical_note:



I love singing over playing electric guitar so singing it is!


i am more inclined towards drums among instruments…but singing is also good


Oof I love them both so much… and it is so much fun when you can do both together but if I have to choose I’ll go with singing.


I prefer singing cuz…
I can sing anywhere, anytime
I don’t need to go to a specific place to buy an instrument or borrow one to play it
I’ll need more time for a song/piece/exercise if I use instruments

But I STILL love instruments thooo


Where is the rapping section ;-;


Sometimes when you play an instrument, your ears and brain are trained to make yourself sound better since you already know the notes when you sing! It’s kinda a benefit for some musicians!


I love singing, but playing an instrument gives you so many different options!