Poll of the Week: Smartwatch (Battle of the Best) 📱 :android:

Helllooooooooo Episodians!!! :wave: :sparklewave: :smiley::cat_shocked:

Halloween is over and it’s time to start talking holiday tech :iphone: :android:

But before that let’s get a recap from our last Halloween related poll :partying_face::smiling_imp:


Looks like most Episodians were

on sweet treats while playing there favorite Episode stories! And we can’t blame anyone for all the sleeping :sleepy: All that partying and trick/trunk or treating can be pretty tiring :tired_face:

Now on to this weeks poll :partying_face: With all the new, fancy and full featured Smartwatches on the market and available for so many different mobile phones, which one are you looking most forward to this holiday season and why?

  • Samsung Gear Series
  • Apple Watch Series
  • Motorola Series
  • Other (Please leave a reply below with which one & why)

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A special thanks to everyone who participates in the polls and we plan on keeping them coming :partying_face:

  • Nick and the Episode Forum Team

None of them :woman_shrugging:t2::joy::joy:


Not into smartwatches at all? I still need to get one :astonished:

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I’m not really excited for any of them, I’m not gonna buy one anyways. :joy:

I’m good with my phone! :+1:t4:

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:joy::joy: I have all the electronics I need, I don’t even know what all they can do

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I’ve never heard of any of these :woozy_face:



I don’t really like smartwatches…

I don’t need a smartwatch :flushed:

I prefer traditional watches because I’m very clumsy and would break a smart watch in less than a day if I had one :eyes::sparkles::sweat_smile::joy:


I prefer my phone tbh. If I had a smartwatch I would either break it or lose it in less than a day. :joy:

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I once owned a Fitbit Blaze but it didn’t work well with notifications to my phone soooooo that didn’t last long :timer_clock:

I noticed lots of people saying they have no need for one. Do you think this is because you don’t have much of a reason to track your steps or heart rate? Or what do you feel the reason for not needing one would be? Just curious :thinking:

I’m curious to see what the new Fitbit will look like once Google releases a new model. :astonished:

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I don’t need a smart watch to know that I’m too lazy :eyes::sparkles::joy:
And my friend had one and it didn’t show correct numbers at all… it would only add a few steps when she played tennis but add at least 10 steps when she just moved her arm… :eyes::sparkles:

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I would say Apple is the best out of all of them. It’s the only one I’ve used but it comes in handy when I need to text in class or I was irresponsible and using it to cheat on tests.


First off I have plenty of different electronics, second I have a device that “calculates steps” but all I have to do is swing my arms a bunch and it will add steps like I walked. I have no use in knowing what my heart rate is :woman_shrugging:t2: I’m ether breathing or not :joy::joy:

:astonished: @MG_789 What about the possibility of making calls and using third-party apps to send messages with it? No features on the watches are compelling enough to want one? Curious to see if these watches are more of an old person thing for people who need to start counting steps/heart rate or if it’s also good for communication instead of having to rely on your phone :thinking:

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I have a phone for that I guess it could be helpful for really specific situations, but I just don’t need not want one :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I feel like tracking your steps or heart rate is like keeping a diary or journal. You do it for like a week, maybe two, then you forget one day and it ruins your whole rhythm. But wasting a diary or journal is much less costly than a smart watch, and I don’t have much disposable income right now, so I don’t really see the need for one

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Happy Monday to all the Episodian forum community :yay:

Bumping with some features and additional info to help you make your vote count :smiley:

Today’s Smartwatch is the

Apple Watch

What does the Apple Watch Look Like?

  • Always-On Retina display.
  • 10.7mm thin. 11.4mm thin.
  • Electrical heart sensor.
  • Second-generation optical heart sensor. Optical heart sensor.
  • Compass.
  • Fall detection.
  • 64-bit dual-core S5 processorUp to 2x faster than S3 processor. Dual-core S3 processor.

*Note from Nick…that glass really does shine!

What Can the Apple Watch Do?

A list of 59 features and actions this gem of apparel technology offers:

  1. Answer Calls
  2. Use the Apple Watch as a Walkie Talkie
  3. Record a Voice Memo
  4. Track Your Cycle
  5. Monitor Safe Hearing Levels
  6. Use a Calculator
  7. Act as a Compass
  8. Always Show You The Display
  9. Listen to Podcasts on the Apple Watch
  10. Use the Apple Watch to Challenge Friends
  11. Use the Apple Watch as a Flashlight
  12. Use the Apple Watch in Water
  13. Track Your Runs
  14. Stay Quiet in a Movie Theater
  15. Change Your Watch Face
  16. See Info Quickly
  17. Monitor Your Heart Rate
  18. Track Your Fitness
  19. View and Reply to Text and iMessage
  20. Send Apple Watch Emoji
  21. Get iPhone Notifications On Your Wrist
  22. Share Your Heartbeat
  23. Pay with Apple Pay
  24. Use Apple Watch Apps
  25. Get Directions On Your Apple Watch
  26. Send Drawings from the Apple Watch
  27. Use Siri on the Apple Watch
  28. Look at Photos on Your Apple Watch
  29. Connect to Your Car
  30. Send Facebook Messages
  31. Listen to Music on Your Apple Watch
  32. Stream Apple Music on You Apple Watch 3
  33. Share Your Location
  34. Check Your Email
  35. Control Your Apple TV & Music
  36. Use it as a Camera Viewfinder
  37. Find a lost iPhone
  38. Store Tickets on Your Apple Watch
  39. Use it as a Nightstand Clock
  40. Set Your Apple Watch Up to 10 Minutes Fast
  41. Send an SOS
  42. Keep on Track to Close Your Activity Rings
  43. Keep You On Task as a Virtual Assistant
  44. Send Money to Friends with Apple Pay Cash
  45. Use it as a Stopwatch
  46. Show Store Loyalty Cards
  47. Control Your Smart Home
  48. Get Important Weather Alerts
  49. Use as a Translator
  50. Check Your Instagram Feed
  51. Track Your Sleep
  52. Always Have Your Passwords
  53. Track Skiing and Snowboarding with the Apple Watch
  54. Continuously Track Your Heart Rate Without Workouts
  55. Control Your HomePod Music
  56. Order a Pizza
  57. Open Your Garage Door
  58. Show Your Car Insurance
  59. Check the News

I’ll be posting more info from other major smartwatch brands throughout the week. Let us know your thoughts about what the Apple Watch can do, what you would use it for and some features you wish it sported. :v: