Poll of the Week: [Social Butterfly or Solitary Hermit]

Hello Episodians! My deepest apologies for not having a poll up for the past two weeks, we’ve been kind busy with the holidays approaching! :smiley: Results from our last poll indicate that mashed is the most preferred style of eating potatoes! (Honestly, same) :wink:

actual footage of me thanking everyone who participated

Now on to this week’s poll! Let’s talk about our social habits during the holidays. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Do you enjoy mingling at all the parties and shopping with huge groups of friends? Or do you prefer hiding in your closet and playing Episode until the hordes of visiting relatives leave? (like I plan to do

  • Get Your Party On :sunglasses:
  • Leave Me Alone :zipper_mouth_face:
  • Why Not Both :thinking:

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Let’s get votin’ y’all! :cowboy_hat_face:


LOL, best underrated movie ever. Yeah, I’d rather stay home…alone, and watch El Dorado. Easy


I dislike parties :partying_face: ----> :x:

Also, thank goodness, no relatives are coming over :laughing:

But sometimes it’s fun to talk with others, even go shopping with my mom (which can end up becoming unbearable if she takes too long, still love her though) however I prefer being alone for most of the time, because I can get lost in my fantasy world XD

Love this poll ^^

And Happy Holidays to everyone! :snowflake: :snowman:


Honestly both! I love being around people and being in large groups but it exhausts me and can often make me hella anxious so I also need time to recharge.
The struggles of being a social and people loving introvert

Also happy holidays @JemU776 :snowman_with_snow:


I like being with people and going shopping (especially during sale!!! LOL).


I love to visit with my family and such, and the only parties I am invited to are with them. I also need a lot of time to myself, or I become rather grouchy.


ok here’s the scoop

i like socializing with my friends and some family during the holidays, but sometimes it’s just too much.

i personally loooove wintertime, but seriously, family members are kind of – idk, hard to talk to sometimes?

i feel like i need to present myself in a way that i feel like a doll, or like an actor? at least towards extended family members.

so i’m kind of a hermit but not really at the holidays.


I love both… it’s fun to play with others, and get your social health up because humans can’t survive without interacting with each other. But sometimes humans can be overwhelming and I just like to be by myself sometimes. And when I’m by myself for a longer period of time or if I get bored I would came up with these crazy rp/sg and other ideas.

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