Poll of the Week: [Speech: Animals vs Humans]

None stop pics :camera_flash: of beaches :beach_umbrella: and delicious food :bananas::cheeseburger::kiwi::icecream::nigri:. Blue sky’s, green grass and countless Episodians working hard on their projects. It all means one thing…It must be summer!

According to last weeks poll it looks like 75% of you would rather spend the morning sleeping :sleeping: in before heading out to tackle the hot and long summer days and I don’t blame ya! While busy with your summer activites I want you to keep this weeks poll question in mind :thinking: Maybe take a few day’s to think this one over before casting a vote cause it’s definitely something to consider for the future :wink:

Speak to animals


Speak every language fluently

Would you rather be able to speak to and understand animals :hear_no_evil::smirk_cat::sad_panda::yay: or speak all languages :speaking_head:?

  • Speaking to animals? For real? Count me in!
  • Being able to speak to any human in the world with no problem? Sign me up!

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Jeremy, no, I can’t choose between talking to my cat or watching anime unsubbed!


I would speak to an animal like Donkey from Shrek. He’s my wing animal!! :joy::joy::joy:


Definitely speaking in all languages. Do you know sexy it is to speak in French? :smirk::rofl:


me already speaking multiple landguages I think I take the animals I am already messining op when talking.

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Speaking different languages is something you can learn and talking to animals not, so that’s why I chose talking to animals :heart_eyes_cat:


I would love to be able to speak and understand all languages. You think you can talk bad about me in your language without me understanding? Well think again lol.


l o l. I hate people anyway. :sunglasses: :nail_care:t4:

I totally agree with you!!:grin::grin:

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omg! you’re right hahaha

Omg understanding animals?!? I’d take that any day!!

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Animals, please!!!

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Well I don’t even like talking to people so definitely animals. I’d love to know what profound words my puppy has to say :upside_down_face:

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He was just too annoying and cute… :joy::joy::joy: and I love his baby dragons… :joy::joy::joy::sparkling_heart:

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I love Spanish. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::sparkling_heart:

Human language can be learned. Animal language? Not really. I’d prefer being able to talk to cats any day :3


I would rather speak all the languages… it would be cool… and my chances of getting into UN will be much more… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I would rather speak all the languages in the world fluently. I think that would be incredibly useful. That said, I do prefer speaking to animals over speaking to humans generally… :sweat_smile:


ikr lol