Poll of the Week: [Splash Free!]

Hello, Episodians! Thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s poll! I am glad to see that at least two of us want to go to the cow store. :cow: The majority of us want clothes clothes CLOTHES! :womans_clothes: :heart_eyes:

This week’s poll is about swimming! :swimming_woman: :one_piece_swimsuit: :beach_umbrella:

What’s your favorite thing to do in the pool?

  • Swim of course!
  • Practice my technique!
  • Play with the pool toys!
  • Pretend I’m an Olympic swimmer!
  • Diving board, here I come!
  • Grab people’s ankles while underwater
  • I will become Supreme Lord of the Pool and nobody can stop me!
  • Swimming? No thanks, I need to work on my tan!
  • I just prefer not to swim
  • Develop a tense, emotion-heavy, dramatic, competitive love/hate relationship with other swimmers

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Let’s get votin’, y’all! :cowboy_hat_face:


I am gonna pretend I am a mermaid. and dive to the buttom all the time.

and maybe float a bit


Pretend like i’m a mermaid and just chill inside the water and do nothing.

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To be honest i can even swim, I just sit in there and cool off

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Expects the main vote to be grabbing people’s ankles while under water.

Is actually the only one.



I just watch Free!, constantly, and fangirl over all the gorgeous boys.

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I think that @Nick is thinking of being the Supreme Lord of the Pool.

That’s my guess. :rofl:

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well, I sadly can’t swim yet but when I do I’ll be playin with all the pool toys lol

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same :yum:


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