Poll of the Week: [To Fear or Not To Fear]

Hello, Episodians!

The results of last week’s polls are in and it looks like comedy and mystery tied for our Tell-Us-Down-Below option. A big thanks to everyone who participated!

This week’s topic is about superstitions! Do you believe in bad luck and good luck? What kind of things do you avoid doing because they might bring curses on you? Are black cats really an omen of evil?!? (but they’re soooo cute)

Let’s get voting, y’all, and hope that the monsters under our beds aren’t real after all. :fearful:

  • I’m very careful not to do things that might cause bad luck
  • I’m careful with a few things, but hey, a girl’s gotta live a little!
  • Eh, I’m not worried about that sort of stuff

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Feel free to discuss down below what types of superstitions you believe, and whether or not it’s a good idea to make this post on Friday the Thirteenth :smiling_imp:


I don’t believe in luck. XD

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I believe in bad luck in certain moments. Like I’ll tell myself: “If you step on that crack you will get sick tomorrow” Then I’ll think: “That’s stupid tho” Then I’ll tell myself: “You sure you wanna take the chances?” And then I’ll just step over the crack. Then- fast forward a few weeks, except this time I’m forcing myself to walk ON the cracks.

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Got my testimony on Friday the 13th :scream:

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But sometimes I’m like “Oh, I haven’t been sick in a long time” and that’s the moment I get sick

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Much love for Sabrina!!