Poll of the Week: What is the first task on your agenda?

Another week and another poll closes and opens! Last week we were interested to see if the community prefers to spend their hard earned cash or save it for a rainy day. And it look’s like the majority of the community would rather keep the money just in case of an emergency or an incredibly expensive and awesome purchase!

So this week’s poll aims to find out how everyone spend’s their weeks!

It’s the beginning of the new week, what is the first task on your agenda?

  • Check out what is new with Episode
  • OMG it’s time to get on the Episode forums!
  • Make it to school to face the day
  • The daily grind at work
  • Get my head on straight, still too tired to think about the remainder of the week
  • Other (Leaving comment below)

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If none of the above options seem to hit the spot with your weekly ritual please choose “other” and share with us what’s on your agenda below! Thanks all and happy voting! :smiley:


I have been working from Monday to Monday for two months now, so… beginning of a new week? What is that? :crazy_face:

But in all seriousness, I live in a place surrounded by clubs and bars, so the first thing I do is pick up all the empty alcohol bottles littering my sidewalk. Why so many people can give themselves the luxury of going out on Sundays is beyond me, but yeah, cleaning their messes is basically the first thing I do on Mondays :woman_facepalming:t4:


I’d say I start off the week with checking my epi stories for errors :joy:


Other get to school on monday and tell the boy that I kinda like that the person who told him I have a huge crush on him was the same person that asked me if we were dating. She’s going to die I have a feeling. Figuratively of course.

For me every day is the same. Chronic diseases know no weekends or holidays. Plus I cannot work, so all that changes are the seasons. :blossom: :sun_with_face: :leaves: :snowflake:


Definitely prepare for school for the week.

My daily agenda goes like this

Wake up.
Get ready
Get on Episode Forums
Make lunch
Go to a track meet after school
Go home.
Go on Episode Forums.

So waking up is the first thing on my agenda. To be fair, it’s very hard


Mine is probably…go back to sleep :grin:


Same here, I need one of these!