Poll of the Week: [What would make your school/work day better?]

Fellow Episodians! It sure has been a while since we created a poll of the week and I apologize for leaving everyone waiting in anticipation :astonished:. But no fear! I am hear with your belated holiday poll results as well as a fresh new poll for your enjoyment :partying_face:.

It looks like Christmas :christmas_tree: won our last poll with Halloween :maple_leaf: in a very close second! Thanks to everyone who participated :smiley:

Now for this week’s poll :sun_with_face:

What would make your school/work day better:

  • Unlimited Caffeine
  • Ability to work on stories whenever
  • Access to friends and family members
  • Infinite library of books
  • Other (Insert own choice in comments)

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If you choose other please make sure to leave what would make your school and/or work day better in the comments below. Happy voting! :smile:


haveing a job or school.


More time in the day would make my day better. I work 7 days a week up to 12 hours a day, I would give up sleep if I could but I can’t so I need to magic up more time to write :smile:


Literally before I even opened this thread I thought “free coffee” :crazy_face: Caffeine is the only thing getting me through the term

Work sucks. It’ll never be as good as the forums.


Not going to school or work that day.

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Poll isn’t working for some reason. Not just for me :frowning:

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It counts your vote (you can vote for up to five options) it’s just that the results will be shown once the poll is closed (it says that next to Vote Now!) Hope this clears things up :heart:


It’d be a blessing to get to work on my stories at any time.

Not being chronically sick and therefor unable to work or even do chores would be my answer. No mourning, just stating the facts.

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I’m so lucky i can go to the forum at job. :crazy_face:
But the computer isn’t strong enough for coding stories. :sob:

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I enjoy my job, but working 45+ hours a week without access to a computer makes it hard to work on stories.

If I could write in between down times at work, it would be awesome! But for now, I make due with binge writing on weekends :joy:

Welcome to the Forums, @Kiko2017!

Hizaz @Kiko2017 I’m Xylophia Persephone Xenon and it might be hardza to understand moi sometimes, but yeh. Welcome to le forums. Don’t spend most of your time lurking like I did instead of talking to people. You’ll meet some of the best people on the forums :grin:

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Competent work partners.

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Being able to sleep and not get in trouble

Having my boyfriend in the same school as me

Might be a weee bit distracting, don’t you think? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Probably VERY distracting but still he would make my day so much better by being in the same school :blush:

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