Poll of the Week: [Your Thoughts on Advertisements]

What up Episodians?! The results are in from our latest poll and it looks like chocolate DOMINATED . A very special thanks to everyone who participated as the candy conflict is one that will never end :smiley: Now on to this weeks battle for dominance! But don’t be fooled, this one is a bit different from the others :wink:

We see them on a daily basis. They cause headaches and at times make us feel pretty uneasy. But some of us choose to not deal with them at all. Let us know your feelings about advertisements on the internet and how you deal with them :dizzy_face:

Tell us about your thoughts on advertisements on the internet

  • I let ad’s take over my entire computer/device. At the end of the day it’s harmless
  • I refuse to support a company that uses ad’s and just stay away from their app’s and websites
  • Ad’s? What’s an ad? I have been using a pop up blocker and/or an ad blocker since the 90’s/00’s
  • I create my own ad’s and can understand the reason behind having them

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Got any amusing stories about your encounters with pop ups or pesky ads? Feel free to leave your stories below. :smiley:


I may not like ads, but boy are they handy when I need more coins for something. :grin: Also they’re a great source of fun. You ever see those ones they got on anime-streaming sites? Who the heck makes those? smh :smile:


My dad makes ads you see on social media, like those ones you hate you’re talking about something or search for it on google and the next day you see ads for it on facebook he does that i hate him for it :joy::joy: he taught me how to do it though hehe


That’s pretty neat and definitely a skill set that can help you in the future :slight_smile:

Short story. I have a close friend who’s dad works in the Rainbow Room AKA NBC on the scrolling marquee’s you see at the bottom of the screens on tv shows. I was lucky enough to see him manually insert this stuff and was pretty cool. Was also lucky enough to go on the set of SNL and the old Conan O Brien show set. Was an amazing experience and pretty neat to see the inner workings of these jobs.


I discovered Episode through ads. Hehe


I wish there was a choice for “I don’t mind ads in moderation”.

I understand the need for them on a platform like Episode, but they can also get frustrating and repetitive! I think platforms like YouTube need to reassess their use of ads because sometimes they cut off speech when you’re watching a video and you lose your train of thought. Tasteful and well-placed ads make a lot of sense and can be really helpful when you’re looking for something you want or need. People just abuse them so much!

My favourite ads are the ones where you forget they’re an ad and just watch because they’re fun… like the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ad for Siri



Ads are, of course, useful! I refill my passes using them :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I use a pop-up blocker. It doesn’t eliminate all advertisements, but it gets rid of the annoying ones.
Sometimes they do their job, and I find out about something I didn’t know about from them.
I don’t mind advertisements that are not pop-ups as long as they are not too pervy or stalkerish.
I know Google knows everything about me, but when I make it clear that I don’t by turning off location and every tracker I can, they could at least have the decency to not send me advertisements for stuff in my hometown.


I wouldn’t use ad blocker if ads were well-made. Sometimes I disable it when I’m watching a video of a Youtuber I really want to support and soooometimes I’ll see an ad that’s actually really cool and unique and actually makes me want to click on it. My favorite ones are trailers, obviously, but those aren’t the only ones. I remember one about a new phone: A girl had to beat up a bunch of bad guys and had one choice to make (the ad was in slow mo at that moment and they let you choose what she was going to do next!), either save her friend or save her phone that went flying through the air as she was beating up someone. Sure, stupid choice, but that ad was awesome. And whichever choice you clicked on, you’d be taken to their page and got to see the outcome of it. Her friend was fine in the end, just saved differently.

Thing is, most ads are so mediocre that they’re nothing but a nuisance. The worst ones are on websites where you want to read a simple article and the whole page gets covered, demanding you to give out your email in order to see any of their content. And if they give you the option to say no, it’s followed by “I don’t like to have fun” or “I hate being a good person” or something along those lines. Like… really? Screw you. I exit those sites immediately.