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Hi everyone! I am writing a story called “In Apnoea” that aims at showing how everyone has a story behind their smiles and have got a rough life. I am including a lot of serious issues in order for the reader to see himself in at last one of the characters. The objective is representing reality along with building relationships (characters points are present)
I did not personally live ALL of these struggles so I would like your help, if you know something more than I do, on how to represent certain issues. Let’s start:


What of these consequences actually happen?

  • Lose faith in adults
  • Growing and maturing faster
  • Depression in other parent
  • Trust issues on loved ones
  • Anger
  • Look for a “substitute” and distractions

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What of these consequences actually happen?

  • Anger issues
  • Depression
  • Blame yourself
  • Drinking to move on
  • Loss in faith and God
  • Feeling that no one understands

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What type of issues do you actually face?

  • Parents not supporting your choice
  • Bullies: call you with the previous sex/name
  • Bullies: hurt you
  • Bullies: sexualize you
  • Disadvantages in school or work place
  • Invading questions
  • Economic problems to pay for the operation
  • Regrets?
  • Sexual orientation confusion

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What does it actually mean to discover your sexual preference?

  • convincing yourself you don’t like the same sex
  • forcing yourself to be with the opposite sex to like it
  • not understanding what your body tells you
  • denying attraction
  • being afraid to pursue your interest
  • confiding with a trusted one
  • getting angry if anyone suggests it

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What issues do you face?

  • discrimination
  • prejudice and stereotypes
  • people thinking you are forced to do so
  • forced removal of hijab
  • dumb questions on your religion
  • people trying to “change your mind”

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What of these can you NOT do?

  • kiss
  • have sex
  • be with the opposite sex romantically
  • show your hair to the opposite sex (if woman)
  • show your hair to the same sex (if woman)
  • drink
  • smoke
  • skip praying

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What are the actual consequences?

  • people just see you as a drug addict
  • people think it’s easy
  • being depressed when not high
  • getting violent
  • pushing people out of your life
  • hiding it from family
  • refuse to admit you are addicted

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What issues do you face?

  • bullies
  • not being able to join their vacations/parties
  • people feel pity
  • trying to hide it
  • social pressure
  • feeling ashamed of your family

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What actually happens and how do you actually feel?

  • as if it is your fault
  • you try to stay out of house
  • you tell the other parent
  • you tell friends
  • you try to hide it
  • you feel ashamed
  • you are hit for whatever reasons, no criteria
  • being nice doesn’t help
  • you don’t want to report that person because you are afarid

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i really appreciate whoever helped and I would love to hear more of your stories. Feel free to message me or answer in this topic for further advice or information.


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Hi! I think I can help with some of these, most of which I speak for myself.

  1. I live with my single mom and I am the oldest. Household responsibilities have fallen on me, taking care of younger siblings etc. I definitely matured way faster than a normal kid.
  2. My grandpa actually just passed away last week. A lot of sadness, but it comes in waves. It isn’t constant. One minute you’re fine the next you’re not. I’m a pretty emotional person as is but one day at work I cried 10 times. Other days I cried none. I feel a lot of guilt, thinking he would be fine. And given current world circumstances, incredibly upset my family did not get to see him the last time he was awake.
  3. Transphobia - I have a good friend that is trans and a coworker that is also trans and we chat a lot. I think that what they find is a lot of hurt from peers misgendering them without realizing it. My school friend, whom I’ve known for years, uses they/he pronouns, previously she/her and their biggest frustration is their classmates forgetting because the classmates don’t talk to them frequently enough to remember. They also face a LOT of discrimination at their crummy work place. They actually just showed me conversations with their coworker and manager where the coworker was being insulting and they responded what is unlawful within the workplace, only to be labeled as a bully themselves. Their parents are overall fairly supportive but that is NOT always the case! My coworker also has a phenomenal friend group and supportive parents. My workplace makes sure to use correct pronouns and name usage. Again! Not typically the case! Just depends on the place and people.
  4. I am bi! I contemplated this for a while but shut down the idea for a long time because of the relationship I was in. Once that part of my life was over, I was able to communicate with myself and come to terms with liking girls too. Said relationship was a bad one. I was ashamed and made to feel like the hurt my ex cause me was my fault. So I hid it from friends and family. Being nice to him did not help.
    That’s all! If you have any questions for your story feel free to ask!

Thank you so much for sharing! I am really glad you did so.
You story helped me understand how I should portray certain characters to show the realistic consequences. Especially the transphobia comment really helped me and the last one on your sexuality. I think it’s difficult in a story talking about the lGTQ+ struggles if you are not actually part of it because the struggles I may depict could be not corresponding to reality but just to what I think they go through. having an insight from someone who is a part of the community definitely helps, so really thank you a lot.

I’ve not dealt with all of these issues but I hope I could’ve helped wid the ones on which I voted… :slightly_smiling_face:

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My best advice would be to read stories/blogs etc and get a good feel of what some people have gone through :slight_smile:

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You really did! Any vote helps, thanks!

Yes I’ve been doing that too! Thanks

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