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I’m reading EP from 4 years, but about week ago I finally decided to create my story :grin:
I had 1 LI, main plot and Ending in my head, first chapter is done and…
Well I started to think about adding Point system in romance and that romance will determine future of MC and LI: 2 completely different Endings. Of course if MC won’t have enough romance Point some choices will be blocked or there will be different plot story.

What do you think?
You like it when story is like a Book - only author’s Point of view and their preferences?
Or do you prefer to choose your Ending, but it will be based on your previous choices?

Do you like endings determine by Point system?
  • Yes, I like to have choice and choose MC ending by every decision
  • No, I like reading simple plot story which autor made for me

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I love the point systems and choices. Yes, more complex choices can be harder to code, but it makes it all the worth in my opinion. It’s one of the things that makes Episode special, choosing your own path.


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