POLL: POV preferences?

So I’m currently in the process of planning a story (NOT EPISODE, A NORMAL STORY) and I need some input. Usually I write first person just because I prefer, and it’s a bit easier since I’ve always done it that way, but with my story’s plot I was wanting to hop around characters, not limit to one person’s POV. So my question is should I make it first person and write from each character’s POV, or make it third person limited, bouncing between the characters? Or I know some writers choose both first and third person, depending on the style.

What is your preference? Which would compel you to read the story more?

And if you could, just let me know your thoughts on why, or if you have any questions that would influences your answer. :revolving_hearts:

  • First Person POV for all characters
  • Third person limited for all characters
  • Both

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