Poll/Protest: Should Feminine Products be Overpriced?

  • Hello, I’m Marcella, a topic queen, and I wanted to address a topic that is sorta bum to me. Let’s begin!

At half of the US is filled with woman, and due to natural causes, woman get their periods. With feminine products invented, women can now use that invention in their life. But the ting is, 1/2 of the women can’t afford feminine products, here’s why: (remember the statement below is in my opinion, state, and beliefs.)

Around the world, women get their period, and to prevent some situations from happening, women use feminine products. But, most women don’t due to the prices of the invention. In the world, their at least a million people around the world that are homeless, and barley have enough money for food, so how do you expect women to afford feminine products?? Women get creative and make their own products, which in my opinion is pretty stupid. Stores should reduce feminine products prices, like $4 lower, or even more! It’s unfair how half of the women can afford feminine products, when the other half can’t. Everybody should have equal items/opportunities. If the US doesn’t start to be fair, then how will they like to be treated unfair by people around the world?! :thinking:

  • This is a topic that doesn’t mean to be offensive, flagged or etc. I just want to make a point, and statement.

should feminine products be overpriced? Select below!

  • Reduced
  • Continued to be Overpriced

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woman don’t choose to have periods. believe us, we don’t like them at all. it’s not our fault we have them. but the fact that some people don’t even have the money to buy basic pads and tampons is horrible. honestly. even for people who cannot afford it, it’s still a large amount to pay once a month or so. i really wish feminine products prices were lowered lmfao.


I mean tbh, I didn’t get my period but it should be reduced. Why? Because if people can’t afford pads or tampons that might end up being a problem. Like a health problem.


I mean… mkay I see what’s going on, but I don’t think it’s really big

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Periods suck ass

I’m on mine right now actually, and I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck, I went to the store to buy pads and Midol and it cost me like $20?! Tf


I think they are affordable they cause up to 5-6 dollars

women dont choose when to hav thir periods it comes naturally and when it does we have to use pads and stuff and we dont want to waste $50 on a single pad that just isnt fair, to us.

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We had this discussion at school.
We came up with the decision that there should be a range that is free and then women that want to pay for expensive ones can. I think they should all be reduced in price though


certain places, but 3/4 of the US, feminine products are overpriced.

To me, say it’s like hygiene, it comes naturally we have to take care of it, and as the world is if you need something, they will more and like have a high price

That was the U.S price

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but at least make it less expensive.


For real tho :sleepy:

Only 5 pads per period? Whoa. That’s a way low number. The average woman probably uses at least 20 to 30 pads per period if not more


one time i went to the store to buy some tampons an i hd to pay $30

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@CosmicIvy - Google must’ve been tripping :sleepy:

@IamChristie - Jesus, my mom pays for my shii, but I try to use at least 3-4 pads per day between the 5-7 days.

yeah lmfao. i used like 5 pads per day almost :joy::skull: periods are horrible.

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the cramps :skull: :skull: :skull: