[POLL] Question about a character's body type

One of my woman character’s body type is exactly between the plus size body type and the generic body type. I want to add art scenes to the story, in which I will draw her as I imagined.
Which body type should I use outside art scenes? The votes are anonymus.

  • Plus-size
  • Generic

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I think you can use soft body type :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree Isabella :heart:


I agree with what @/Isabella.write said about using the soft body type. I was thinking because it has fore cloth options while still fitting that almost in-between style.


Yeah I hate to say it but depending on the type of story you might really be hurting for clothing if you go plus size. Definitely if you are doing any sort of genre stuff that requires specific clothes you’re gonna want to go generic. If you are doing a story the episode clothing library is more tailored to than maybe plus size will be fine.


You guys have a point, I think I’ll use the soft body type. Thank you! ^^

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