POLL: Reader VS Writer Ages

Hiya :smile:

I’m here with a simple age poll distinguished between a reader’s and a writer’s average age, purely out of curiosity. Select the age interval you currently fit into and not the age you will become during the moment you’re seeing this and answering.
In case you’re concerned, please note that this is for educational purposes only and that the results are anonymous. So, be honest!

NOTE: Please select one of the WRITER’s age intervals only if you’ve ever published at least one story on the Episode app. If you’ve tried writing, but haven’t ever published, select one of the READER’s age intervals.

EDIT: Please ignore the following two options:

  • READER, > 13
  • WRITER, > 13

These two were misspelled and since I can no longer remove them from the poll itself, I would like to ask you to ignore them while still finding your answer in other options. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • READER, > 13
  • READER, 13 - 16
  • READER, 17 - 20
  • READER, 21 - 24
  • READER, 24 <
  • WRITER, > 13
  • WRITER, 13 - 16
  • WRITER, 17 - 20
  • WRITER, 21 - 24
  • WRITER, 24 <

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Thank you for participating, if you did! :blush:

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(just note if you are under 13 you cannot be on the website - if you are caught you will be banned. I suggest not voting >13, as you might be stalked by a mod haha)


“>” means greater than. This means the user is greater than 13 years old.

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My apologies, I meant to insert the < instead of >, guess it must have slipped :neutral_face:

No, you’re right.

You put: WRITER > 13. This means the writer is older than 13. If you put WRITER < 13, this means the person is less than 13 and needs to be removed from the platform

Ok, true. Maybe I should have removed that option after all.

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Oh wow, I actually think this is a really interesting idea for a poll. I’m a writer (14 yrs old) and always assumed that the age pool for Episode was kids around my age- I honestly thought that the 17-20 year olds out there are busy doing something other than, y’know, playing Episode, of all things. I usually don’t say my age online because it would affect how many people read my stories considering that a lot of stories written by 13 year olds are like, Pregnant By The Bad Boy Vampire Who Also Happens To Be Super Rich or whatever. Anyway, thx for setting this up- I’ve wondered about it before in the past.

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I think if there were a lot of people who were only readers all 18+ that would be pretty weird since the demographic for readers is about your age.
For the writers, it’s not unusual that a lot of us are over 18, since many older people have writing as a hobby that we do in our free time🙂

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You’re welcome! Really, there’s no need to be ashamed. Just because you’re at a young age does not mean you’re still a child by your mentality. I know I wasn’t the only curious person out there about this, so I eventually decided to go with it. :relaxed:

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Thank you for this poll! The results are interesting, although not surprising :blush: I read and write, but since we could only select one, I chose the “WRITER” option.


Hi @Funicidal . Please remove the Poll-of-the-week tag from your topic as it is only intended for Episode team use. Thanks!