POLL: Remembering Previous Episodes

How do you feel about remembering details, statements, and/or choices from previous episodes?

  • I like remembering previous statements or details made in stories, as well as choices I’ve made.
  • I like remembering choices, but not details.
  • I like remembering details, but not choices.
  • I don’t mind remembering choices or details, but I don’t find that they enhance the story.
  • Lol my memory is trash I can’t remember choices and details for my life
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I have no clue how to properly make a poll, so I kind of winged it. If you see this, help.
And if you can’t respond to this because I screwed up, reply with an answer!

@Sydney_H if you see this that probably means I’ve screwed up even more, yeah? I put it in the wrong category? Sorry about that, I’m not the brightest.

Have a good day, reader.


eheheheeheh yeah i have the worst memory. My friend called me dory once because i blanked once i was stuck on question one for the quiz of the great depression…


Hmm, I think this would fit better in Episode Fan Community! :grin: And no worries, we all put stuff in the wrong category now and then. :wink: You can always check the Forum Tutorial for help or ask me if you have questions. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oof… feels girl!

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